An urgent request from Project Abraham

with contributions by Doris Epstein and Debbie Rose



It was January 31, 2016 when Hayder Essw, 47, a Yazidi refugee living in Canada received the news of four Yazidis families drowning while trying to cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece.  Like thousands of other Yazidis, they were trying to reach what they saw as the freedom of Europe.  In their minds, whatever it took to get there was worth the risk. Their lives were already hell, and they had nothing left to lose.

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A wedding like no other



Last Friday the Yazidi community in Richmond Hill celebrated their first wedding in over five years.  A lot has gone on for the Yazidis between weddings - Mt. Sinjar, genocide, and the capture of their women and girls by ISIS -  so it would be no surprise if they weren’t up to celebrating.  Yet despite the worse nightmare that could happen to good and decent people, Friday was a celebration of life and freedom for the Yazidi community.

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Vigil for the third anniversary of the Yazidi genocide on Mt. Sinjar, August 3, 2014.



Thursday August 3, 2017 was the third anniversary of the Yazidi genocide on Mt. Sinjar.

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Project Abraham volunteers pitch in to support the Yazidi community



June 26, 2017

Yesterday at the Lodzer Synagogue in Toronto, Project Abraham held a free bazaar to meet the needs of the Yazidi community.   It was a hugely successful event.

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Project Abraham volunteer and Yazidi community picnic July 11 2017


Under shade trees and sunny skies Project Abraham celebrated summer at Earl Bales Park. 

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