About Us

The MOZUUD Freedom Foundation was launched in early 2015 to help unite people around the world to speak with one powerful voice on important issues, whether they are local, regional, national or international.


We are in the ‘values’ business -- together

We realize that while people who care passionately about issues can and will disagree on specific approaches, most of us share a common set of values that include: individual rights and responsibilities; equality before the law; freedom of speech, association and religion; respect for women; democracy and freedom; responsible environmentalism; and a revulsion for the use of violence, intimidation, and terror against innocent people.

Most organizations focus on their core cause and become experts on those issues. This often works, but it leaves a huge gap when new issues, urgent needs and opportunities for change arise. Mozuud fills that gap by allowing members to continue to work on their own cause while, at the same time, lending their voices to other important issues with minimal effort or cost.

Our members are free to support the campaigns that make sense to them. Most people will be able to support all or most of our campaigns, but it’s definitely not required. In the beginning you might only take action on the issue closest to your heart. In time, though, you’ll find that you do want to unite with others to support action on issues they care about; issues you hadn’t known about or thought about before. And...guess what? You'll find that other people will be supporting your cause. If you want some help...give some help! That's our motto.

We make it easy to make a difference

We don’t ask a lot of your time and we make it easy to support our shared values. We use petitions, emails and phone calls to let those in power know that changes need to be made. As we grow—with your help—we will increase pressure by funding media campaigns, and organizing offline protests, vigils and special events to gain the media and government attention for the change we want.

We will also share resources with groups that have a track record of getting things done in their particular home area and/or field of expertise. We believe in supporting effective organizations when we can, not in duplicating their work.

Becoming a member is easy: simply add your signature to a petition, volunteer to help, make a donation, or just enter your email address in the 'JOIN' box on the right side (not visible to logged-in members). 

Tell us what matters to you

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A registered non-profit agent for change

The MOZUUD Freedom Foundation is registered in Canada as a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization, so we are required to meet a heavy burden of financial accountability.

We’re not a charity, however, so your donation isn't tax deductible, and that, believe it or not, is a very good thing:

Since taxpayers provide indirect funding via tax-deductible donations, charities are severely restricted by law as to how much of their resources can be devoted to political action such as lobbying for legislative or policy change. As a registered not-for-profit, non-charity Mozuud has no such restrictions. We can work on any issue; demand justice from whomever we want; and we can devote as much time and resources as necessary to bring about the change our members want to see. (Also, our donors have no fear of the government disallowing their deductions and demanding back-taxes.)

In short: Mozuud gives you something much better than a tax deduction: action on the issues that matter most to you.

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Mozuud is 100% Independent

Our agenda cannot be influenced by donations from governments or corporations because we simply don’t accept them. Our initial funding came from ordinary concerned citizens. As we grow we expect the majority of our budget to come via small online donations from our members.

One World | Many Voices

In keeping with the classical liberal belief that the strength of a society depends on the moral fibre of individuals, our goal is to create a massive community of individuals who can come together to learn about and support various causes as they choose.

For example, as our community grows, Jews may find themselves supporting persecuted Christians and Yazidis in Iraq, who themselves support Ukrainians in their fight for freedom from Russian occupation and who, in turn, will be rallying to the defense of Israel against those who vow to destroy it. At the same time anyone can  call for the banning of the ivory trade, the preservation of the rainforest, ending whale hunts and encouraging sustainable agriculture. These issues are of concern to all reasonable  people. We cannot allow them to be monopolized by any one political or social movement.

One World. Many Voices. Join Us!

The Mozuud Freedom Fundation is registered in Canada as federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization.

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