About Us

The Mozuud Freedom Foundation was launched in 2015 to promote Canadian values: individual rights and responsibilities; equality before the law; freedom of speech, association and religion; respect for women, democracy and freedom; responsible environmentalism; and to fight violence, intimidation and terror against innocent people anywhere in the world.

We don’t ask a lot of your time and we make it easy to support our shared values.  We use petitions and emails to let those in power know of changes needed in policies, legislation or practices to fulfill our values.

The Mozuud Freedom Foundation addresses subjects that are often overlooked or alternatively deemed too controversial.  Protecting freedom for Canadians is something that must never be taken for granted. 

We happily share resources and expertise with other groups that share our values and have a track record of success.

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The Mozuud Freedom Foundation is NOT a charity, but it is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization, and as such we are fully accountable.  We can receive donations but do not offer a tax receipt.

Charities are restricted by law to how much they can devote to political advocacy, how directly they can lobby or support a position, elected person or party. As an NGO, we are not restricted.

Support our Canadian values.  Together we will let our elected officials know of our concerns.  Let us be one voice for a Canadian society that does not curtail free speech, does not tolerate extremism, and will not be limited by political correctness.  DONATE HERE.

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