Tom Quiggin is one of several people who have spoken out against Islamist actions and incursions in Canada, and is being sued, though he has only reported the truth. Read of his work, his expertise, the legal struggle and how you can help.

The Government of Ontario is debating Bill 83, Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia act. Freedom for all means that no religion is supreme, all religions are to be tolerated, all are open to criticism. Tell Premier Ford and the government not to embrace the fraudulent concept of “Islamophobia” which is intended to shut down criticism of Islam—fight anti-Muslim bigotry. Read more..

Mark Vandermaas established Israel Truth Week over a decade ago to get the truth out on campuses -- Jews are owners and not occupiers of the land of Israel. Read of his work, his educational program and the legal documentation that proves the rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

This is a Yezidi child, one of thousands who have suffered persecution, including murder, under the tyranny of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Today there are still 3000 women and children missing or held captive.

Mozuud promotes freedom for all, no matter one’s ethnicity, race, faith, nationality, and does so in conjunction with other organizations. Above all and for all, Mozuud supports Freedom of Speech. Read more and support Project Abraham.

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