Is Terrorism a Canadian Value?

As you may be aware, Justin Trudeau’s controversial summer jobs program aims to punish organizations that are not in line with “Canadian Values”. Meaning the government will withhold funding from organizations that don’t meet the new definition of Canadian values and then declare it to the world. But what are Canadian Values according to Justin Trudeau? Well, to sum it up, it’s being pro all LGBT narratives and of course, strong support for abortion.

Although a flagrant violation of free expression and religious liberty (which apparently as of 2018 are no longer Canadian Values), that is still not the most contentious part of this story.  So far, 5 controversial Islamist mosques and organizations have received funding through this program, while bible camps across the country have been denied.

Most prominent among these Islamist groups is the Muslim Association of Canada or MAC, which have received 10 grants from the Trudeau government.  Why do we call them Islamists instead of Muslim? Well, the first section of MAC’s Wikipedia page mentions its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, a listed terrorist organization throughout the Middle East and the parent organization of Hamas. 

Now let us review the Canadian values that have been emanating from MAC so overwhelmingly that it has made them worthy of government funding. In 2004 the MAC put out an open statement on its website in support of Hamas and their tactics (suicide bombings in civilian areas).  In another display of “Canadian Values” last year the MAC Toronto mosque released a video of their congregation praying for the death of all Jews and the humiliation of polytheists and nonbelievers.  Later that year, as if to clear up any confusion about their position, the MAC’s Vancouver mosque invited the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood as a guest speaker.  There he stated, “Zionist are the worst of mankind” and then went into detail encouraging people to send money, weapons and expertise into the Palestinian territories for the purpose of Jihad. 

Apparently, none of these violate the Liberal government’s standard of “Canadian values”.  According to the government, the only thing that matters in Canada today is what you think about homosexuality and abortions, and whether you are willing to state the “right opinion” to the world.  So, what does the MAC think of homosexuals?  The MAC doesn’t have an official policy on homosexuality up on their website, but they did refuse to sign a letter in support of the LGBT community condemning homophobia in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, an ISIS-inspired attack that targeted homosexuals.  Also, many of their Imams have made anti-LGBT comments with zero internal repercussions. 

For the record, none of these groups have commented on whether they support the LGBT community or Abortion, which is the main requirement for summer jobs funding in the first place.  However, when an institution is named after a religion, the logical assumption would be that the institution follows the teachings of that religion regarding all matters. And on a theological level, Islam has the same stance on Homosexuality and abortion that Christianity and Judaism do. In practice, there is not a single Muslim country ruled by Islamist governments where homosexuality is not considered a legally punishable crime.

This appalling double standard has the potential to create real rifts among our religious communities, as some may rightfully feel unfairly targeted by this government.  Such blatant disregard for civil liberties in conjunction with the appeasement of Islamic radicals sets a very dangerous precedent for Canada.  If we continue this Liberal government’s path of supporting and funding jihadists and anti-Zionist groups to its logical destination, it becomes quite possible that one day we’ll live in a Canada where in order to receive government funding, one would have to state that they are an anti-Zionist.  And on the civil liberties front, maybe in order to benefit from government programs (like healthcare), citizens would have to announce their support of the government’s ideology.  At this point that seems unlikely, however, if Trudeau is elected to another term, anything is possible. 


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