No Jews allowed to speak on campus unless they condemn Israel

Antisemitism on Campuses keeps Growing

This was the chilling message sent by students at Berkley Law school.

This is happening to students all around the world. We live in a time when Jewish students have lost their freedom of speech and have to live in fear.  They are afraid to wear a kippa or a Magen David for fear of harassment and discrimination.  Hate crimes against Jews are at the highest levels seen since Nazi Germany and it keeps rising.

Zionism is equated to racism and Nazism. Those who support Israel are seen as vile.  The sole purpose of these groups is to delegitimize and vilify Israel. They hide under the guise of social justice, claiming they want safe spaces for Palestinian students, but what they are really doing is alienating Jewish students with antisemitic slurs and lies, and creating an unsafe space for Jewish students where they are not allowed to stand up for their own beliefs, where they are voiceless.

Why is it considered acceptable to discriminate against Jews when any other form of discrimination against Blacks, Muslims, LGBTQ and other communities is not acceptable. Are Jews less worthy than the others?

This is not woke…this is Jew hatred.

Have we not learned from our past? We are seeing the same patterns taking place now as we saw with the rise of Nazi Germany, except now Israel is blamed and Antizionism has become the new Antisemitism that has become socially acceptable in todays woke world.

We need to call out Jew hatred. We need to let the world know that men and women of all faiths will not stand for this hatred once again. We have suffered enough.

Say NO to Jew hatred in all its forms.

Watch: The Epidemic of AntiSemitism

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