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PM Trudeau

On November 19th, Canada abandoned almost 2 decades of support for Israel and gave support to the anti-Israel crowd at the UN. Canada voted in favour of a General Assembly resolution co-sponsored by North Korea, Zimbabwe, and the PLO, all despotic regimes, which do not live up to the UN Charter of Human Rights.  The motion as described by the CBC, “condemns Israel’s presence in Jerusalem and characterizes it as ‘occupied Palestinian territory’.”

The resolution criticizes Israel’s security barrier which has demonstrably saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives and ignores completely the barrage of bombs and mortar attacks on Israel.  Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch and much celebrated international human rights lawyer and UN Watchdog, pointed out that “Trudeau is trading Canada’s bedrock principles of fairness & equality for a UN Security Council seat.  By voting for a resolution sponsored by North Korea & Zimbabwe, he has entered a Faustian bargain with dictatorships that does not bode well for our free & democratic society.”


Marc-André Blanchard, Canada’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations

As Canadians interested in the fair treatment of Israel, including a position that acknowledges Israel’s land rights and that stands against Anti-Zionism--the new Antisemitism, we find the actions of the government to be abhorrent and will send the following letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Cabinet.

Please add your name to this petition and let the government know that abandoning truth and justice does not serve Canadians.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Cabinet

I wish I were simply writing to congratulate you on establishing the new government for Canada, one that promises to collaborate, to listen, to best represent our Canadian values which include freedom, equality, justice and truth.  Unfortunately, I am much moved to pass over the compliments and condemn this government for abandoning all of the values we hold dear, and instead making a mockery of Canada at the UN, where you instructed our representatives to support several of the most undemocratic, unjust, inhumane, and disturbingly misogynistic regimes in the world. In supporting this resolution you abandoned justice and truth.

How dare you condemn Israel and ignore the incessant bombing of her citizens by the notorious terrorist organizations in Gaza?  How dare you abandon the only democracy in the Middle East and a people dedicated to justice and humanitarian good works?  How dare you capitulate to the antisemites who lobby you hard, with foreign funds and foreign actors,to blame Israel for the lack of peace, and claim many calumnies for which Israel has no responsibility?  How dare you even consider splitting Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people into two?

While the Liberal government has promoted women’s rights, gay rights, environmental protection, indigenous rights and security of all persons, please tell us which of these principles is embodied by any of the movers and supporters of the hostile resolution which you just endorsed?  And which of the many Middle Eastern and North African countries has embodied all of these principles?  ONLY ISRAEL is true to all of these and while imperfect as all Western democracies are, it still leads the way as a multi-racial, multi-faith, free country!

Mr. Prime Minister, you owe the entire country an apology, and if this is the first step towards negating the goodwill between Canada and Israel, it is a frightening move.  If this is the first step towards winning the Arab vote for a seat at the Security Council, I hope that Canada is not successful for it portends to the great damage you could bring to Israel if you were successful.


Irving Weisdorf
Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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