The Federal Election is the most important campaign for Canadians right now.  Being informed is crucial in choosing who to vote for.   Be Informed!

As a Registered Third Party, the Mozuud Freedom Foundation (MFF) is assessing candidates in all parties and urging your support for those who stand up for Freedom of Speech, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Fighting Extremist Ideologies (Leftist, Fascist and Islamist) and more.

You can help fund campaign ads, posters and signage to promote a candidate by donating to the MFF Third Party.  Your contribution would be appreciated and will make a difference.  Individuals who have already donated to a candidate as well as all businesses can donate without limit to MFF Third Party campaigns.

Below are our first choices as of today. Click here to donate via MFF Third Party. Confirmation of your gift will be acknowledged.

Salim Mansur.  London North Centre, Ontario (PPC)- Salim Mansur has been on the front line against extremists for many decades now.  As a well-respected professor of political science at Western University, Dr. Mansur has written several books on the threat of Islamism including Islam’s Predicament: Perspectives of a Dissident Muslim and The Qur'an Problem and Islamism: Reflections of a Dissident Muslim.  Dr. Mansur is an outspoken advocate for freedom of speech both on campus and in the public arena.

ChaniAryehBain.pngChani Aryeh-Bain. Eglinton-Lawrence, Ontario (CPC)– Chani Aryeh-Bain is a school teacher, small business owner, community activist and life-long resident of Eglinton-Lawrence where she is raising five children along with her husband David. As a small business owner, Chani understands the important role small business play in bringing jobs and prosperity to out neighbourhoods. Through her work supporting local charities Chani is passionate about the need to increase affordability for families and seniors. With your support she hopes to be able to provide a voice for our community in Ottawa.

Garnett Genuis. Sherwood Park- Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (CPC)- It is because of Garnett Genuis that a motion passed in parliament to recommend that the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) be declared a terrorist organization.  Although the motion got bipartisan support, the IRGC has not yet been added to the list of terrorist organizations.  The Islamic Republic is the world’s leader in state-sponsored terrorism, sent through the arms of the IRGC’s Quds Force.  Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi rebels in Yemen, militants in Nigeria, Bosnia, Sudan and elsewhere have been traced back to the Iranian regime’s ideological paramilitary organization.  While some in the media are trying to push the “Iran Deal” and normalization of the Islamic Republic as apolitical good, MPs like Garnett Genuis are greatly needed.

Tahir Gora. Mississauga-Malton, Ontario (PPC)- Tahir Gora, a Muslim of Pakistani origin, has been one of the most important voices against Islamist extremists in Canada.  He played an integral role in defeating Sharia courts in Ontario.  From 2003-2006, when Ontario was debating whether or not to allow Sharia courts to set up inside the Muslim communities, it was Tahir and his TV station TAGtv that gave a voice to the moderates and liberals within the Muslim community, fighting back against the Islamist push to rule over them.  For his work, Tahir has shown the resilience to stand up to multiple threats, including one from the Pakistani ISI made against him.

David Haskell.  Cambridge, Ontario (PPC)- When Lindsay Shepard, a teaching assistant at Laurier University, was brought in front of a panel of far-Left inquisitors for the crime of showing a YouTube clip of Jordan Peterson’s appearance on public television, the entire faculty turned their back on her and free speech.  All except David Haskell.  Haskell was the only professor at Laurier to stand up for the value of free expression, despite the opposition of his peers.  Canadian politics needs people willing to stand up for Canadian values, even if it makes them unpopular to certain elites.   

Ghada Melek. Mississauga-Streetsville, Ontario (CPC)- Ghada Melek is currently under fire for the crime of criticizing Islamists.  Certain organizations are mad that when the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) put up bus stop adds promoting the hijab, Melek offered the other point of view.  This being, that the hijab is not a tool of female empowerment. In the Sharia state of Iran, women are beaten or imprisoned for the refusal to wear it.  It is strange that no one motioned the questionable actions of the ICNA, like the fact that they endorsed Al Qaeda’s chief recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki up until 2010, and the fact that they currently have literature on their website promoting sexual slavery.

Pierre Poilievre. Carleton, Ontario (CPC)– Too often in politics an MP will back down at the slightest fear of media pressure from a fabricated “controversy”.  When Poilievre stated the obvious, that terrorists were responsible for terrorism, not American society, as Justin Trudeau had suggested over the Boston Bombers being made to feel “left out of society”, he was attacked by the mainstream media.  Instead of backtracking, he called out the “Liberal pseudo-intellectuals” who contrived this fake controversy against him.  For quick proof of his point, could you imagine the reaction if someone said that the primary motivation for the terrorist in Christchurch who massacred the worshipers at the mosque, wasn’t the terrorist or his White Supremacist ideology, but instead New Zealand society for making him feel “left out”. 



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