Google is silencing criticism of radical Islam

Tom Quiggin, a court-certified intelligence officer, with over 30 years of experience in counter-terrorism, has been kicked off of Google and YouTube before his new podcast even hit the air.

The Quiggin Report was meant to tackle important issues related to civil liberties in Canada, such as Freedom of Speech and censorship.  However, this was deemed too dangerous for people to hear by the observers at YouTube and Google, as they decided to block Tom Quiggin from using all google services.

This brings up a troubling new chapter in the war against free speech.  We have known for a long time that the Trudeau government has some very troubling ties to extremists, but now the giant tech companies have decided to silence anyone who will speak out against political Islam.  This is worrying because the traditional legal methods to fight back against government tyranny are not available to us because Google is a corporation.  Instead, we need to stand up so our voices will be heard, or else Google will slowly kill all dissent. So, please share this information by email or social media.

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