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  • PRESS RELEASE: The March 17, 2019 Teach-In Was A Great Success

    Mozuud Freedom Foundation was pleased to co-sponsor the day long Teach-In on the Rule of Law, that provided a unique opportunity for people of many different backgrounds, ages, communities to learn how they can help uphold Canada's rule of law and pursue justice. A series of press releases tell the story. Below is a the first notice. Links to all the proceedings will be added to this site when available.

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    Mozuud contributed to creating Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms, when in 2017 the newly elected federal government adopted a motion, that came to be known as M-103, to study rising levels of racism, religious discrimination and Islamophobia. A national conference was held in Toronto to study the implications of M-103, the use of the undefined term “Islamophobia” and the consequent chill that it portends if criticism of Islam is considered unacceptable and punishable by law. All religions are subject to criticism and both freedom of religion and freedom of speech need protection. For more information, go to the C3RF website. Receive weekly bulletins here.

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    Books to Read

    The Tragedy of Islam by Imam Mohammed Tawidi of Australia, the Imam of Peace who reveals all the atrocities of Islam since its founding. He’s a very learned scholar who studied 8 years in Iran and Iraq and is from a long line of Imams. He talks about the brainwashing he endured and all the secrets that Imams must keep and never reveal to their Muslim adherents. He advises Western governments to be vigilant against Islamism and tyranny and points out that ISIS merely mimicked all the early caliphs.

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    Israel's Legal Rights

    Mozuud has contributed to expressing truth about Israel and its legal rights, debunking lies and myths.

    Much of the world accepts the false claim that Israel is an illegal ‘occupier’ of the land west of the Jordan River, known as the ‘West Bank’. The well-funded Anti-Israel propaganda views the Jewish people as thieves who stole this land from the Arabs, who now call themselves ‘Palestinians’. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

    In 1922, the League of Nations recognized the historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, re-named Palestine by the Romans in the year 136 C.E. The League enacted the ‘Mandate for Palestine’, which designated all of Palestine, including the ‘West Bank’, to be reconstituted as the Jewish Homeland. This fact has never changed and is established in international law. Even though Israel has many times tried to divide part of this historical Jewish land to give a portion to the Arabs, the Arabs never accepted any offer because they are unwilling to recognize any portion as a Jewish homeland. The Jews are neither occupiers nor colonialists, but owners, historically and legally to the land of Israel

    Most people in the world are not cognizant of these facts because they are rarely taught, not promoted in the media and often ignored in diplomatic circles. It is time for the government of Israel and its supporters to speak out. Those who support An Anti-Israel position, demonizing, delegitimizing or applying double standards are inherently supporting Antisemitism, contributing to hatred, bigotry and even terrorism.

    To understand more about Israel’s legal rights, read these articles:

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